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Following are books that I have read through the years and highly recommend.  It is good to look at the list and check more closely those books that you are drawn to.

All of the books can be found and bought on and

hands_of_light_frontcover_large_5yvTgf29e5MbxOP     Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan

An exceptional book about healing, self-healing, The Human Energy Field and the Energy Centers within it, etc., etc.  A bestseller and a classic.

light emerging Light Emerging by Barbara Ann Brennan.

A follow up to Hands of light.  A very enlightening and amazing book on deeper understanding of self-healing and levels of energy consciousness.  Great reading.

Power of Now   The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

This book had a great effect on me regarding the power of being in the present moment and living from that place.  A truly great book on the wonders of human consciousness and the power within it.

A New Earth   A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. 

A powerful follow up to The Power of Now about the deeper purpose of the individual here on earth and how it is possible to create a better world based on the power of each individual and the combined power of human consciousness.  Wonderful reading.

Also recommend episodes on Youtube with Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle that are teleclasses on A New Earth.  10 episodes all in all.  Enlightening and inspiring material.  Here is  a link to the first episode:

ask_and_it_is_given   Ask and It is Given by Esther og Jerry Hicks. 

A beautiful book on the Law of Attraction and the creative power each person has in his life.  A very enlightening and life enhancing reading.

you-can-heal-your-life   You Can Heal Your Life by Loise L. Hay. 

Also a very life enhancing book regarding the self healing power within each individual and how one can have a more meaningful and richer life.  Her own story is very powerful as well.

heal-your-body1   Heal your body by Loise L. Hay. 

A remarkable book where Loise records her interpretation of possible underlying mental beliefs regarding  physical ailments, pains and illness.  Always keep this book handy.

Love-Medicine-and-Miracles-cover  Love, Medicine & Miracles by Bernie S. Siegel. 

A great book full of wisdom and knowledge.  Like it says on the book cover: Lessons learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon´s Experience with Exceptional Patients.

seven_spiritual_laws  The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Depak Chophra. 

A wonderful book on the power of intent and creation.  For me it combines really well the wisdom of The Secret and The Power of Now.

Living with joy  Living in joy by Sanaya Roman. 

A book that I read many years ago and had a deep impact on me.  Truly good reading on how to live a life of joy and wellbeing.

personalpowerthroughawareness Personal Power through Awareness by Sanaya Roman. 

The follow up book to Living in Joy about how to increase the sensitivity of your awareness for a more fruitful and better life.  Very good and educational reading.

Emmanuel´s book  Emmanuel´s Book by Pat Rodegast

(Who has for example worked closely with Barbara Brennan).  A book that I read a long time ago and had a deep effect on me and my life. It is set up in a poetic way and like it says on the book cover:  A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos.  Loved and cherished this one.  There are also two follow up books, Emmanuel´s book II and Emmanuel´s book III.

the undefended self  The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga. 

A wonderful book on the makings of the human personality and the way to its maturity and growth.  How to live a more loving, undefended life.  Beautiful reading full of wisdom and good knowledge.

Coming to our senses  Coming to our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

A truly good and knowledgable book on „Mindfulness,“ giving ways of how to increase it in daily life and meditation.

And so on and so on… :).

Will keep on listing more good books that I remember and those that I will be inspired by reading!

Here are also books that I want to read and have been recommended to me:

Dying-To-Be-Me-Cover-198  Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani.

The healing power of mind  The Healing Power of Mind by Tulku Throndup

proof of heaven Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

Wise heart  The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield


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