Positive psychology

A great, funny, informative and uplifting talk about Positive Psychology with Shawn Achor, a Harvard Psychologist who has received many awards.  Only 12 min and well worth the time :)!

How one thinks and what thoughts you chose to have can totally change your state of being.  And we have the choice from moment to moment…

To see more about this pshychologist click on this link below for TED Talk.



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GRATTITUDE is what I try to base my life on.  As Eckhart Tolle has said:

„If the only prayer you said in your whole life was „thank you,“ that would suffice.“

To feel thanks, gratitude and appreciation can fill you with a sense of wellbeing and joy.  It brings you immediately to the „now,“ the existing moment, when you give thanks for what is at hand.  It opens your heart and attracts all the very best to you.

I try to start out every day by giving thanks for what is.  I give thanks for good sleep (or the sleep that I did manage to get!), a good bed, my beautiful home, my wonderful shower as I feel the water cascading over me, for the good food that I have for breakfast, how well it tastes, for the banana that by many miracles is now on my table 🙂 ; 

I thank for the good that resides in me, for my talents and perseverence, for my family and friends, my work, etc., etc., etc. 

Sometimes I go off the handle in the gratitude excercise and end up feeling amazingly happy, my heart filled with joy as I excitedly jump into my day!

Then I also thank in advance for all the good things that will come to me that day, and during the day itself often give thanks in my mind for the good that is with me in that moment and around me, often lifting my day to great heights.

I feel that if the day is challenging or difficult it often becomes lighter and easier if I focus on thanking for what is possibly good in that moment, and that moment etc.  Then my mood and feeling simply shifts and lifts a little, everything looks a bit better and I even handle the challenges more easily.

AND when the day is good and I focus on thanking for all the good in it the day becomes amazing!

– To open your heart and increase your wellbeing, give thanks.

– To acctract more abundance into your life, give thanks for what you have.

– To live more in the now, give thanks for what is there in that moment.

– To fill yourself with joy over the wonders of the world that are right in front of you, give thanks.

– To increase your energy, strength, power, health and self-healing abilities, give thanks.

– AND don´t forget to thank for yourself and the wonder that you are!! (plus all the amazing things you accomplish every day!)

Here below are two videos with Oprah Winfrey on the power of gratitude.  ENJOY!

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STRESS – An interesting new attitude!

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An interesting and knowledgable video about stress and new              attitudes toward it that could lead to better health and wellbeing!


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A remarkable story and book

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Feel that the story this woman has to share is really worthy, amazing and interesting.  An interview with her on youtube had a deep effect on me.  She has written a book about her experience that is called: Dying to be me.

Here is a video of her lecture on TED Talk that gives insight into her story.

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Brennan Healing

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“Energy Medicine is the last big frontier in medicine.”                                  Dr. Mehmet Oz – M.D. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University

My experience with Brennan Healing:

For the four and a half years that I have been in training and in my work as a Brennan Healer I have had people come to me with a variety of issues.  Some have come because of physical ailments.  Others to get help in sorting out and solving emotional concerns and problems. 

Many seek support in coping with trauma and difficult times in life, wanting often to look at their life in context in order to attain better self understanding and achieve more wellbeing and success.  A combination of all of this is also common in the clients that have come to me.

I am convinced from my and others experience that Brennan Healing can greatly help to increase balance and achieve success in any of these areas.

As is said in more detail in More about Brennan Healing the healing work cleanses, charges and balances the energy system of each individual. 

It can losen and clear away energy blockages that have caused physical, emotional and mental ailments, dis-ease and imbalance and enhance in a positve, powerful way the innate healing ability of body and mind.

The healing therapy often also leads to deeper self understanding and knowledge, giving a greater sense of general wellbeing.

Many have experienced very positive good results and success in improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing that spreads out into their life.  See for example in Testimonial section.

The healing process is of course varied and different for each individual; it varies what suits each one and it is never possible to promise particular results.  I do not diagnose.  I consider it important that clients also seek conventional medical treatments concerning ailments and dis-ease relevant as is needed.

I work with the intent for the absolute best for each individual with the longing that they can experience the increased good quality of life that I have enjoyed on my own path of healing and personal growth.

For more detailed information on Brennan healing please see More on Brennan Healing.


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The Education

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Dr. Barbara Brennan  Dr Barbara Brennan

To connect to the website of Barbara Brennan School of Healing please click on photo above.

Barbara Brennan School of Healing was founded in 1982 and has now been in operation for 33 years.  Brennan Healing is a carefully constructed and thoroughly  tested energy healing modality.  It is still and always in development as knowledge and experience in this area is ever increasing.  Reasearch is also constantly being done and the various components of the human energy system and its connection to the environment is continually being studied.

Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan is the founder of the school.  She is a physicist and the first woman to work for NASA, the National Aeronauts and Space Administration of The United States.  Dr. Brennan is very scientifically minded and has a very practical approach to all energy and healing work.  She is also a Doctor of Philosophy and Religious Science, besides having a degree from The Institute of Core Energetics as well as being a Senior Pathwork® Helper.


Barbara has written two bestseller books, Hands of Light and Light Emerging which are considered and valued as foundational literature in terms of energy healing and unconventional medicine aimed to help people attain better health, knowledge and wellbeing.  Both books have been translated into many languages and gained widespread reading all over the world.

From the foundation of the school in 1982 over 2000 healers from as many as 50 countries have been graduated.  Today the school is operated in two locations.  Florida is the main location, but it is also located in Austria and has been operated in Japan. 

It takes 4 years to learn Brennan Healing Science and it is only possible to study it in these two schools founded by Dr. Brennan. 

During these 4 years students perfom over 200 healings under supervision in carefully constructed studies, which are quite intensive and demanding. 

The school has been operated the longest in Florida, where students can graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree besides a conventional Barbara Brennan School of Healing Diploma. 

Besides the 4 years, students can take an additional 2 years to become a Brennan Integrative Practitioner, helping people through conversational  healing therapy, and then the 3rd year to earn a teachers degree at the school.

In this school it is shown and experimented with how easy and natural it is to affect the energy field of another.  We all do it every day in our daily communication and exchanges.  The learning and professionalism of a Brennan Healer involves learning how to have good control over his/her energy field as well as various healing techniques when working with clients. 

A healer has to know and understand the foundational elements and laws of the Human Energy Field, anatomy and physiology, how he/she can control their own energy field and have communication with others in a healing way. 

Brennan Healing is a complex system of healing techniques, energy understanding and knowledge, self healing and personal growth.  Today there are 5 Icelanders graduated as Brennan Healers.

Here below is a link to the school website and videos regarding the school and Brennan Healing:


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„It was my good fortune that fate led me to meet Johanna.                      Her sessions have been invaluable help as I was going through some difficult times in my life.  Johanna is exceptionally supportive and sensitve to finding the right solutions needed.  The therapy opened my mind into new dimensions that has since had an extreemly good influence both mentally and physically, increased my self confidence, optimism and wellbeing.  I wish that others could have the same opportunity as I did to increase the quality of their lives.“   Sigurður Erlingsson, consultant, Velgengni.is

„Johanna helped me find my own strength and balance after a difficult period.  Consistently through the therapy I have felt better physically, emotionally and mentally.  For example, migrane symptoms have receeded, pain attacks after an accident become less evident and easier to deal with, sleep has improved and emotional stability become stronger.  Johanna is encouraging and positive in   her approach as is sought after in modern treatment models and she is very loving and has a warm presence that is nurturing and healing in itself.“  Júlía Sæmundsdottir, social worker

 „I sought out Johanna after being diagnosed with disc protusions in my neck.  I had great pains and difficulty sleeping, but in the therapy with Johanna I was able to completely relax and immediately after the first session found great improvement in my condition.  In my mind there is no doubt that the therapy helped a great deal in my regaining full health.“    Rósa Ólafsdottir, specialist in the Earth Science Department, University of Iceland

 „My experience was very good.  I had a rather unclear idea of what I was getting myself into and did not really expect the therapy to have such a profound influence on me.  Johanna has such a good presence, never judgemental and it is easy to talk to her.  At the start of each session we talked together and slowly but surely she helped me face my greatest fear and discuss it.  Something I had never done as I felt it was silly and had no place or foundation in reality.  The therapy opened my mind and my soul became somehow lighter.  It got me to explore my feelings more closely and work with them and taught me ways to give to others without losing all my energy at the same time.“   Ólafia Jónsdottir, midwife

„When I need to find emotional & spiritual balance and to make myself feel good I can’t think of anything better than to have a healing session with Johanna Jonas.  She combines great power, strength and deep sensitivity.“    María Reyndal, theatre director, actress and writer

„Healing work with Johanna is deeply nurturing self exploration and a very educational process.  Her warm attitude and professional work ethics lead one through the session in a safe and very giving way.”  Kolbrún Vala Jónsdottir, physiotherapist

“It was raining and was windy.

I stood outside.

I came in.  

We had some water to drink – candlelights and smiles.

She began to sort together colors

from the bundle of yarn I had with me. 

There was sunshine and there was a beautiful scent in the air. 

I walked home with a picture.

Thank you dear Johanna.”                                                                                              Katrín Þorvaldsdottir, puppet maker and costume designer

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About me

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For around 23 years I´ve worked as an actress and later also as a bellydance teacher and restaurant servicemanager at the vegetarian restaurant Graenn Kostur.  During this time I´ve had an unending interest in inner work, personal growth and selfhealing.  This interest in self evolution led me eventually to Barbara Brennan School of Healing where I graduated after 4 years of study in May 2013.

My being in this school has changed my life.  It has showed me how powerful this work can be, both concerning myself and others.  I want to bring forth this knowledge so others can enjoy the fruits of my experience.

More about me big and small:

I was born on the 3rd of August 1964 and raised in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland;  the daughter of Jonas Bjarnason, gynecologist and Johanna Tryggvadottir, yogateacher and business enterpreneur.  I went to Vidistadaskoli in Hafnarfjordur and later graduated with a Commercial College Degree from Verslunarskoli Islands, The Commercial College of Iceland. 

The path led to The USA where I graduated with a BA in acting from School for the Arts, Boston University in the spring of 1990.  After graduation I worked as an actress for 2 years in New York and Los Angeles.  I came back to Iceland in the spring of 1992 and worked in the next years, for example, in The National Theatre, The City Theatre, in various independent theatre productions, in Television, Radio, Movies and Voice Overs.

In the years 1998-2000 I experienced great difficulty in my life.  I had lost my enthusiasm for my profession, was overworked and going through a challenging divorce; was chronically fatigued, dealt with an eating disorder, had various physical ailments, much sadness and lack of life force.  I really felt desolate as what to do to get my life back on the right track.  At that same time I had started to meditate regularly and that was in many ways my saving grace. 

I decided to take responsibility for my life, sought help in various ways to look at what could be improved in my inner and outer life.  And so a journey began in much self work, growth and development and little by little my wellbeing and life improved. 

In the next years I became eternally grateful for these difficulties as they had led to so much self knowledge and growth and there came graciously a time where I had never felt better in my life.  However the self work and development has of course still continued to this day and will be relevant for the rest of my life hopefully.

In the spring of 2008 I was introduced to Barbara Brennan School of Healing by very good friends.  I decided bravely to undertake an adventure into the unknown for 4 years of intensive learning in this demanding and challenging school in the fall of 2009. 

In short, in my opinion, this school is quite amazing and I will be eternally grateful for having gone through it.  During the years of study I also had the good fortune of working as a front manager at the vegetarian restaurant Graenn Kostur in downtown Reykjavik, which was also a great education and experience in itself.

I graduated from Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the spring of 2013 as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner.  Now I would very much like to be of help to others with all that I have learned and experienced.

BBSHE Austria

Nemendasýning, Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Picture of me on front page taken by Vigdis Viggosdottir, photographer.

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Contact – Book a session

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To book a session or for more information please call 699-6019 or send mail to johanna@heilunjohannajonas.is

In the beginning of each session we discuss what you would like to work on and then you lie down fully dresssed on a massage table and make yourself comfortable for the healing work.

This healing modality is a soft but powerful way to cleanse, charge and balance the energy system of each individual, which can then help to regain health, physically, emotionally and mentally as you can read more about here: Brennan Healing.

How many session each person needs is varied.  For some it is enough to come for only one session if all that is needed is to charge and replenish the energy system for greater wellbeing, health and balance.  A series of several sessions may suit some clients better, like in other conventional modalities, to work on what is needed.

In my experience and that of others, coming for several sessions has often led to very good results.  See more about good results in Testimonials. But as said before it is very personal what is best in each situation and something that each one has to feel for her/himself.

You can also book a session for Long Distance Healing.  That is something that I have also learned in this school.  For more information please call or send an email.

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I am located in Rósin, Bolholt 4, 4th floor, Reykjavik.  See map below. To see picture larger please click on it.

bolholt mapbolholt street ör

You can park your car in front and there is an elevator to the 4th floor.

In Rósin there is a good waiting room where you can make yourself comfortable until I come and get you for your session.

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Brennan Healing in Reykjavik