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About me

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For around 23 years I´ve worked as an actress and later also as a bellydance teacher and restaurant servicemanager at the vegetarian restaurant Graenn Kostur.  During this time I´ve had an unending interest in inner work, personal growth and selfhealing.  This interest in self evolution led me eventually to Barbara Brennan School of Healing where I graduated after 4 years of study in May 2013.

My being in this school has changed my life.  It has showed me how powerful this work can be, both concerning myself and others.  I want to bring forth this knowledge so others can enjoy the fruits of my experience.

More about me big and small:

I was born on the 3rd of August 1964 and raised in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland;  the daughter of Jonas Bjarnason, gynecologist and Johanna Tryggvadottir, yogateacher and business enterpreneur.  I went to Vidistadaskoli in Hafnarfjordur and later graduated with a Commercial College Degree from Verslunarskoli Islands, The Commercial College of Iceland. 

The path led to The USA where I graduated with a BA in acting from School for the Arts, Boston University in the spring of 1990.  After graduation I worked as an actress for 2 years in New York and Los Angeles.  I came back to Iceland in the spring of 1992 and worked in the next years, for example, in The National Theatre, The City Theatre, in various independent theatre productions, in Television, Radio, Movies and Voice Overs.

In the years 1998-2000 I experienced great difficulty in my life.  I had lost my enthusiasm for my profession, was overworked and going through a challenging divorce; was chronically fatigued, dealt with an eating disorder, had various physical ailments, much sadness and lack of life force.  I really felt desolate as what to do to get my life back on the right track.  At that same time I had started to meditate regularly and that was in many ways my saving grace. 

I decided to take responsibility for my life, sought help in various ways to look at what could be improved in my inner and outer life.  And so a journey began in much self work, growth and development and little by little my wellbeing and life improved. 

In the next years I became eternally grateful for these difficulties as they had led to so much self knowledge and growth and there came graciously a time where I had never felt better in my life.  However the self work and development has of course still continued to this day and will be relevant for the rest of my life hopefully.

In the spring of 2008 I was introduced to Barbara Brennan School of Healing by very good friends.  I decided bravely to undertake an adventure into the unknown for 4 years of intensive learning in this demanding and challenging school in the fall of 2009. 

In short, in my opinion, this school is quite amazing and I will be eternally grateful for having gone through it.  During the years of study I also had the good fortune of working as a front manager at the vegetarian restaurant Graenn Kostur in downtown Reykjavik, which was also a great education and experience in itself.

I graduated from Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the spring of 2013 as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner.  Now I would very much like to be of help to others with all that I have learned and experienced.

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Nemendasýning, Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Picture of me on front page taken by Vigdis Viggosdottir, photographer.

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Brennan Healing in Reykjavik