Brennan Healing

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“Energy Medicine is the last big frontier in medicine.”                                   Dr. Mehmet Oz – M.D. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University

My experience with Brennan Healing:

For the four and a half years that I have been in training and in my work as a Brennan Healer I have had people come to me with a variety of issues.  Some have come because of physical ailments.  Others to get help in sorting out and solving emotional concerns and problems. 

Many seek support in coping with trauma and difficult times in life, wanting often to look at their life in context in order to attain better self understanding and achieve more wellbeing and success.  A combination of all of this is also common in the clients that have come to me.

I am convinced from my and others experience that Brennan Healing can greatly help to increase balance and achieve success in any of these areas.

As is said in more detail in More about Brennan Healing the healing work cleanses, charges and balances the energy system of each individual. 

It can losen and clear away energy blockages that have caused physical, emotional and mental ailments, dis-ease and imbalance and enhance in a positve, powerful way the innate healing ability of body and mind.

The healing therapy often also leads to deeper self understanding and knowledge, giving a greater sense of general wellbeing.

Many have experienced very positive good results and success in improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing that spreads out into their life.  See for example in Testimonial section.

The healing process is of course varied and different for each individual; it varies what suits each one and it is never possible to promise particular results.  I do not diagnose.  I consider it important that clients also seek conventional medical treatments concerning ailments and dis-ease relevant as is needed.

I work with the intent for the absolute best for each individual with the longing that they can experience the increased good quality of life that I have enjoyed on my own path of healing and personal growth.

For more detailed information on Brennan healing please see More on Brennan Healing.


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Brennan Healing in Reykjavik