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Healing and energy work is a phenomenon that has been known in societies for thousands of years.  It was and has often been considered to be in the hands of the few that have “special” or even “supernatural” talents.

 Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan is one of those with these special talents.  She also however saw and envisioned the possibility that “healing” and energy work could be something that all those with enthusiasm and talent could learn for the good of others.

Therefore she decided to create a very demanding and encompassing 4 year program where you can learn healing and energy work according to her carefully structured healing science program. See more in Barbara Brennan School of Healing. 

Dr. Brennan is an educated physicist and very scientifically oriented.  Her vision is that healing and energy work become a natural and holistic complimentary therapy to conventional medical therapies.

In a brochure published on behalf of the school the following is said about Brennan Healing:

Brennan Healing Science is a unique and highly specialized form of  energy healing developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan, physicist, therapist, healer, author of Hands of Light, and founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.


Wellness and health is maintained through an optimal flow and balance of the human energy field. One’s energy field is affected by both internal and external factors. Eventually, dis-ease can result due to imbalance and unhealthy flow. This holistic system of healing is a gentle yet powerful method of clearing, charging and balancing the energy field. This can help to restore health to one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Come and experience the relationship between the physical body and emotional, mental and spiritual health.

These services complement traditional medical and psychological treatment.

  • Faster recovery from surgery and trauma
  • Relief of pain and symptoms associated with many diseases
  • Deep states of relaxation
  • Decreased levels of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increased creative expression
  • Enhanced self-esteem and sense of personal power in the now
  • A heightened sense of well-being and joy
  • Spiritual and personal development
  • Appreciation for the diversity and wonder of life

Your Brennan Healing Science Practitioner can help you access your innate and natural ability to heal. This can support you in achieving your personal potential and in living a meaningful, joy-filled life.

 The healings support the energetic clearing of your field and help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself. As your understanding increases so does your ability to identify the major obstacles in your life. By tracing theses obstacles back to their origins and releasing them with love, you can learn to free yourself from old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve your highest good. This is the process of healing.

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