What is “The Human Energy Field”?

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What is „The Human Energy Field“?

It is a given that the human body is at its base constructed of atoms and molecules; basic energy elements.  So it can be said in simple terms that the human body is fundamentally made up of energy.

According to Barbara Brennan Healing Science each individual has an energy field that has within it 7 separate levels.

Those are in simple terms; the energy level of the body, two emotional levels, one dealing with emotions regarding self and the other with emotions regarding others, then there is a mental level, the level of inner/higher will, and then two yet higher energy levels.

Within the Human Energy Field you also have 7 energy centers that are connected seperately to each level of the field.

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What a Brennan Healing Science Practicioner has learned is to identify where there may be energy blockages or hindrances of natural energy flow within the energy field and has techniques to work within each level of the field as necessary. 

He/she works with the intent to  cleanse, charge and balance the field of each individual which then generally leads to better health and wellbeing, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In the book Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan there are very good specific details given regarding analysis of the different levels of the Human Energy Field and the functions of the 7 energy centers.


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