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The Education

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Dr. Barbara Brennan  Dr Barbara Brennan

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Barbara Brennan School of Healing was founded in 1982 and has now been in operation for 33 years.  Brennan Healing is a carefully constructed and thoroughly  tested energy healing modality.  It is still and always in development as knowledge and experience in this area is ever increasing.  Reasearch is also constantly being done and the various components of the human energy system and its connection to the environment is continually being studied.

Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan is the founder of the school.  She is a physicist and the first woman to work for NASA, the National Aeronauts and Space Administration of The United States.  Dr. Brennan is very scientifically minded and has a very practical approach to all energy and healing work.  She is also a Doctor of Philosophy and Religious Science, besides having a degree from The Institute of Core Energetics as well as being a Senior Pathwork® Helper.


Barbara has written two bestseller books, Hands of Light and Light Emerging which are considered and valued as foundational literature in terms of energy healing and unconventional medicine aimed to help people attain better health, knowledge and wellbeing.  Both books have been translated into many languages and gained widespread reading all over the world.

From the foundation of the school in 1982 over 2000 healers from as many as 50 countries have been graduated.  Today the school is operated in two locations.  Florida is the main location, but it is also located in Austria and has been operated in Japan. 

It takes 4 years to learn Brennan Healing Science and it is only possible to study it in these two schools founded by Dr. Brennan. 

During these 4 years students perfom over 200 healings under supervision in carefully constructed studies, which are quite intensive and demanding. 

The school has been operated the longest in Florida, where students can graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree besides a conventional Barbara Brennan School of Healing Diploma. 

Besides the 4 years, students can take an additional 2 years to become a Brennan Integrative Practitioner, helping people through conversational  healing therapy, and then the 3rd year to earn a teachers degree at the school.

In this school it is shown and experimented with how easy and natural it is to affect the energy field of another.  We all do it every day in our daily communication and exchanges.  The learning and professionalism of a Brennan Healer involves learning how to have good control over his/her energy field as well as various healing techniques when working with clients. 

A healer has to know and understand the foundational elements and laws of the Human Energy Field, anatomy and physiology, how he/she can control their own energy field and have communication with others in a healing way. 

Brennan Healing is a complex system of healing techniques, energy understanding and knowledge, self healing and personal growth.  Today there are 5 Icelanders graduated as Brennan Healers.

Here below is a link to the school website and videos regarding the school and Brennan Healing:

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