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Contact – Book a session

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To book a session or for more information please call 699-6019 or send mail to

In the beginning of each session we discuss what you would like to work on and then you lie down fully dresssed on a massage table and make yourself comfortable for the healing work.

This healing modality is a soft but powerful way to cleanse, charge and balance the energy system of each individual, which can then help to regain health, physically, emotionally and mentally as you can read more about here: Brennan Healing.

How many session each person needs is varied.  For some it is enough to come for only one session if all that is needed is to charge and replenish the energy system for greater wellbeing, health and balance.  A series of several sessions may suit some clients better, like in other conventional modalities, to work on what is needed.

In my experience and that of others, coming for several sessions has often led to very good results.  See more about good results in Testimonials. But as said before it is very personal what is best in each situation and something that each one has to feel for her/himself.

You can also book a session for Long Distance Healing.  That is something that I have also learned in this school.  For more information please call or send an email.

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