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„It was my good fortune that fate led me to meet Johanna.                      Her sessions have been invaluable help as I was going through some difficult times in my life.  Johanna is exceptionally supportive and sensitve to finding the right solutions needed.  The therapy opened my mind into new dimensions that has since had an extreemly good influence both mentally and physically, increased my self confidence, optimism and wellbeing.  I wish that others could have the same opportunity as I did to increase the quality of their lives.“   Sigurður Erlingsson, consultant,

„Johanna helped me find my own strength and balance after a difficult period.  Consistently through the therapy I have felt better physically, emotionally and mentally.  For example, migrane symptoms have receeded, pain attacks after an accident become less evident and easier to deal with, sleep has improved and emotional stability become stronger.  Johanna is encouraging and positive in   her approach as is sought after in modern treatment models and she is very loving and has a warm presence that is nurturing and healing in itself.“     Júlía Sæmundsdottir, social worker

 „I sought out Johanna after being diagnosed with disc protusions in my neck.  I had great pains and difficulty sleeping, but in the therapy with Johanna I was able to completely relax and immediately after the first session found great improvement in my condition.  In my mind there is no doubt that the therapy helped a great deal in my regaining full health.“     Rósa Ólafsdottir, specialist in the Earth Science Department, University of Iceland

 „My experience was very good.  I had a rather unclear idea of what I was getting myself into and did not really expect the therapy to have such a profound influence on me.  Johanna has such a good presence, never judgemental and it is easy to talk to her.  At the start of each session we talked together and slowly but surely she helped me face my greatest fear and discuss it.  Something I had never done as I felt it was silly and had no place or foundation in reality.  The therapy opened my mind and my soul became somehow lighter.  It got me to explore my feelings more closely and work with them and taught me ways to give to others without losing all my energy at the same time.“   Ólafia Jónsdottir, midwife

„When I need to find emotional & spiritual balance and to make myself feel good I can’t think of anything better than to have a healing session with Johanna Jonas.  She combines great power, strength and deep sensitivity.“   María Reyndal, theatre director, actress and writer

„Healing work with Johanna is deeply nurturing self exploration and a very educational process.  Her warm attitude and professional work ethics lead one through the session in a safe and very giving way.“           Kolbrún Vala Jónsdottir, physiotherapist

“It was raining and was windy.

I stood outside.

I came in.  

We had some water to drink – candlelights and smiles.

She began to sort together colors

from the bundle of yarn I had with me. 

There was sunshine and there was a beautiful scent in the air. 

I walked home with a picture.

Thank you dear Johanna.”                                                                                              Katrín Þorvaldsdottir, puppet maker and costume designer

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Brennan Healing in Reykjavik